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Boulder, Colorado 80302

Cannabis Copywriter elevates marijuana brands with crafted marketing & content. Based in Boulder, we provide branding, digital marketing & copywriting services.

About - Cannabis Copywriter | Marijuana Marketing & Content

Learn about who is behind Cannabis Copywriter, their background in advertising, digital marketing, & branding, plus what that means for you, the cannabis business who needs marketing & content today!

Who is Cannabis Copywriter?


Professional Experience (from most to least recent): Senior Content Strategist at a Fortune 100 tech company, Digital Marketing Director at a Techstars-backed startup, Lead SEO at a national retailer, Digital Content Specialist, Brand Consultant, Advertising Copywriter.

Cannabis Experience: Various short and long-term projects with ancillary cannabis brands and startups, studied advertising (and subsequently, legalized cannabis consumption) in Amsterdam; lived as a young professional in beautiful Boulder, Colorado from the start of legalization.

Cares About: The intersection of technology, digital content, and marketing; safe and legal cannabis consumption for all eligible adults; helping small businesses realize and grow to their full potential; content that connects people and bridges differences; social justice issues; healthy edibles.

Why should you care?

Because I am your target consumer. One of them. If you want to grow your business, at least.

I'm young, professional, with a disposable income and an active social life and network. 

Only brands that speak the language I speak will get my hard-earned money. Everything from how they run their business to their logo to the kind of information they put out determines if I choose them over the brand next door. With the Internet, countless consumer reviews, and social media at my fingertips, there's got to be something besides price that drives who I buy from.

Once I decide your business is where my money should always go, you bet I'm singing the praises of your brand. After all, it is an extension of myself, just like any of my other lifestyle choices.

I can guarantee you that the kind of customers that you want (the ones that aren't a one-hit-wonder but the rinse-n-repeat type), want a brand that they can easily recognize, remember, and represent.

Again, why should you care?

Because the kind of brand you want to be tomorrow depends on what you do today.

Thanks for your time. Let's talk.